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Donating to a deserving animal charity accomplishes multiple things. You feel good about yourself. The charity gets a much-needed financial boost. Animals are saved from horrific fates. You get a nice tax deduction.

The challenge most people face is knowing which animal charity they should support. If you want to donate but aren’t sure who to make the check out to, here are some of the best animal charities to support in 2021.

Your Favorite Local Animal Rescue

If you take a few minutes to look, you’ll likely find that there are several fantastic animal rescues in your community. Each of these would welcome your donation. Many are too small to qualify for grants and rely entirely on donors like you. In addition to donating money to a local animal shelter, consider stopping in and offering to volunteer. They’d love to have you and you’ll get a great deal of satisfaction from the experience.

World Wildlife Fund

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that benefit from hardworking animal charities. There’s no way to calculate how many animals have been saved as a direct result of the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts. The organization is represented in more than 100 countries and works tirelessly on a variety of conservation efforts. In the past twenty-five years, they’ve dedicated over $1 billion and countless hours to preserving the environment and protecting wildlife. 83% of the money they collect goes to conservation. At this very moment, the bulk of their attention is dedicated to saving 36 different species which includes elephants.


Oceana is an animal charity that’s doing everything in its power to save both the ocean and the wildlife that call the sea home. They will use your donation to help pollution reduction efforts, develop educational efforts, and promote clean ocean laws/policies.

Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals is an animal charity that not only helps homeless pets connect with a new family, and advocate for animals, but also promotes spay and neuter programs which significantly reduces the number of unloved pets roaming the streets. Since Friends of Animals was established in 1957, they’ve been instrumental in the spaying/neutering of 2.5 million-plus animals.

Which animal charity inspires you?