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The power crisis impacting the state of Texas has left millions of people without reliable electricity and heat. Some people have lost their lives, and many others have been put in dangerous housing situations. However, human beings are far from the only ones suffering.

Many pet owners left their animals outside in all of this. In some cases, it was just absentmindedly. Though in others, it was deliberate. Whatever the reason, domesticated animals left outside in weather like this would freeze to death, develop hypothermia, starve, and much more.

Wild animals are suffering greatly too. The cold weather that has swept across the state is more than wild animals are capable of handling in many cases. You may have heard about the rescue efforts for endangered turtles on the coast that were shocked into virtual comas by the water temperatures. Much of the wildlife across the state has been left paralyzed, or even abandoned by their family, flock, or pack.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help support animals in Texas during the power crisis. The Houston SPCA is already helping animals out, and they’ve listed many ways in which you can help.

Several drop-off centers are open in select locations where you can leave actual animals instead of supplies. Injured, abandoned or ill opossums, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife have a better chance of survival in the hands of trained experts. Care for or transport such animals in a box filled with soft rags and a warmed water bottle for heat. Careful not to make the bottle too hot though as you would risk injury via burns.

If transporting an animal on your own isn’t feasible, give rescue authorities the animal’s location so they can come pick it up. Local rescue authorities will be in dire need of physical items, including blankets and towels to dry off and warm creatures that need assistance. Bottled water and plenty of pet food is also necessary. You can drop these off at various donation sites. In light of the pandemic, these drop-off sites are touch-less donation centers to protect everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even if you live nowhere near Texas, you can always make monetary donations online to fund these admirable rescue efforts.