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If you’re someone who worries a lot about the welfare of animals, you might already be on a vegan diet. Some don’t understand though how animal welfare can come into conversation when talking about non-food products. The reason for this is animal testing.

For a long time now, many companies have used animals for testing their cosmetic products, among other things. This has led many animals to be injured or even killed due to the effects of various chemicals in their system. If you’re interested in the well-being of animals, check out some of these brands that avoid animal cruelty when making their products.


Whether it be for the smell or to see how ingredients can affect one’s skin, companies have been using animal testing for their deodorants. Some deodorant companies have been fighting against this through their cruelty-free deodorants. One company offering this is Tom’s of Maine.

With Tom’s, customers get deodorant that is known to have never been used on animals before. In addition to not being tested on animals, Tom’s has been helping out animal ecosystems through sustainable practices. This includes the usage of beeswax through conscious beekeepers that care about the ecosystem of bees.

In addition to Tom’s, another deodorant company refusing animal testing is Schmidt’s. Schmidt’s decided to refuse animal testing not only because they found that it was vicious towards animals, but that they were able to get much more accurate feedback when testing on humans. Strongly think about what deodorant you’re using if you care how your product usage affects the welfare of animals.


The skincare industry is an ever-evolving industry that produces many new products yearly. Unfortunately, this means that companies are using animals to rush out their products in a way that they feel is safe for humans. Some companies are creating their skincare products in a way that doesn’t require animal testing at all.

An example of one of these companies is Blissoma. They work to create products that are only tested on humans that sign-up for testing, knowing what they are getting into. The ingredients of Blissoma products are also known for being vegan, for those abiding by any animal products whatsoever. Look more into how you can change your skincare purchases to better help animals.